Weekend Warriors

Our idea of a superhero has been crafted—molded since we were young. Just a click of the remote took a child to Superman, the very definition of the word. We saw him utilize his enhanced agility and strength to defeat the unethical schemes of Lex Luther, his arch-nemesis. When all was right, he ran to the shadows to become a common man named Clarke Kent. He then battled everyday evils, such as staplers, traffic jams, and the pain of unrequited love.

Though he was portrayed as a civilian, he was never considered one. He was always alien to us, as most well-known superheroes are. It’s never an average man who's gone without a run-in with toxic fluids or bites from strange creatures who saves the day, but for these citizens that all changes...

Weekend Warriors' concept is strongly influenced by comics, television, and movies such as Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass, and Heroes. It’s relaxed, character-driven, and allows for new sub-plots alongside the existing one.

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