You don't know me.

You don't know what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, or what I have in mind for you. My intentions are my own, and I don't share them. You will glean small parts of my ideas and ideals from certain things that will happen. Maybe to you personally. Maybe to those around you.

Just know that I am alive. I do think. I do feel.

Your part in all of this is to survive. To coexist. To learn to live with what I've given you, who I've selected to surround you. Every one of you is special. Every one of you has a purpose. I have hand picked each and every single one of you and brought you here to be with me for a reason. I may one day decide to divulge that reason to you, or you may spend the entirety of your time here wondering.

People will come and go. Some of them might even die. My will is my whim.

I know there will be some confusion. From the moment you realize that you're not where you think you should be to when you find you already have a place to live and a job here, to when you finally find out that there's no way out. I just ask that you are patient. Wait and see.

Live your life the best way that you know how. Go about your business, I will provide what you need. There are adventures within my walls. There are new relationships. There are heroes and villians. You'll see a lot of things that you never thought possible, and a lot of things that you've always wondered about.

Here, everything is possible.

Welcome to The City.

Have you missed The City? It certainly missed you.



A multi-fandom game.
Expect the unexpected.

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