The Next Incantation

What we offer:

  • Active!
    You won't get swept away in rapid fire posts (usually) but we have lots of members on every day with many threads being posted to. And if you DO happen to find yourself facing a quiet moment, we have a very active chat to keep you occupied.
  • Self Hosted
    Being self hosted means we're not slaves to the dreaded downtime and we have much more freedom with our ratings, allowing us to be a true 3-3-3 site, although that doesn't mean smut features predominantly, but we don't censor your creative freedom.
  • Small word count
    We firmly believe in quality over quantity, but this doesn't mean you'll find one liners here! Most write at least a couple of paragraphs, giving you plenty to respond to. Our minimum is a tiny 100 words.
  • Traditional App
    Not so long and tedious that you want to give up before even starting, but long enough for you to give us plenty of information about your character, helping us to come up with great plots for you!
  • Mature members, all 18+
    Maybe that should read mature at least in age, because we're a crazy, fun bunch, more like a family than anything else and we love to bring new members into our fold as well. No-one is excluded, whether you've been a member for years or just a few minutes.
  • Literate, advanced roleplay
    On TNI you will find a quality site with passionate writers who want the same as you, to be part of something wonderful. Our members are talented and friendly and you should be able to find a myriad of people to write with.
  • Original Characters only!
    Yes, we may be set in a fandom, but we're also set 50 years past the books and so our story is focused on our original characters and plot and not on what is already set in stone. Or paper. Or pixels.
  • Play a student or adult. Your choice!
    We love our student characters as much as we love our adult characters and there's a place for all of them, with plots and threads available for all as well. We don't let anyone sit idly by and watch others have all the fun.
  • Very realistic and involved lessons
    Perhaps our most unique twist, one that was started ten long years ago and still remains today. We give real lessons several times a month for those who wish to attend them, but they're not compulsory.
  • Easy to get involved
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. No-one gets left out. We have Open Threads, a buddy system, Plot Pages are never with no replies AND we hold a regular thread roulette just to make sure you have plenty to do!
  • Dark characters encouraged!
    You read that correctly. You want to play a badass? Do it! While we have an established 'dark wizard' group on the site, you would be more than welcome to join in on the plot! Want to challenge them? Bring it on.
  • Regular Quidditch matches
    Ask any member, new or old. These are and have always been a big hit. Regular matches (trivia nights) for all to earn them points for their teams. You have to sign up to the teams fast, though, as they're popular!
  • Intricate story with regular site wide plot points
    Our story is seeped in history but new things are always happening so even a brand new character on the site can feel like a part of it. We hold Plot Events every three months to keep things moving forward.
  • LGBT friendly
    What sort of people would we be if we discriminated? All races/religions and sexualities are welcome on the site and we have a quite large group of them to keep our site spiced up. More are always invited!
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