Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds is a pan-fandom roleplaying game on Livejournal that is based around a village called Haurvatat in a 'pocket dimension'. You character, which can come from almost any fandom, has been brought to the village. Some have to learn a lesson, others are given second chances or a new life, while others just want a vacation. Whatever the reason for your character to show up, they will be met with characters from all over space and time.

The community is friendly and active. We understand that real life happens and accept that slow-play is often necessary. If you need help, the community will be there to support you. There are over 30 fandoms represented in the village from Doctor Who, The Dresden Files, Resident Evil, Stargate, Supernatural, to lesser-known fandoms such as Spooks, Jeremiah, Band of Brothers, and Hercules.

Whoever your character is, they will be able to integrate into the village one way or the other! We're always accepting new characters and new people and new canons! Come check us out!

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