Believe In Heroes

BELIEVE IN HEROES is a moderate to intermediate role play site based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a colourful flare of the comics thrown in as well.

"It is present day, Captain America is a fugitive, the Avengers are scattered. The X-Men are holed up within their mansion and popular super-hero groups like the iconic Fantastic Four struggle to find their place within the ever looming shadow of HYDRA lurking within SHIELD, and the restrictions of the Superhuman Registration Act."

Our plot is based on the events of the ‘Marvel Movieverse’ and we are always open to new suggestions to help enhance the setting. We maintain regular site events and enjoy reading and incorporating your ideas.

While we focus on ‘canon characters’ we accept ‘original concepts’ as well and also offer ‘adoptables’ for those who want to jump right into the boots of a pre-established character. You do not have to use the typical play-by if you do not wish to and you may portray as many characters as you can handle. We are an amiable writing community discouraging ‘O.O.C. drama’, providing you with a fun and vibrant atmosphere that wants nothing more than to share your ideas and write them to life.

"Will you BELIEVE IN HEROES or accept that compliance shall be rewarded?"

'Believe In Heroes' has a number of , as well as , we would love for people to take an interest in.

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