Reminder about posting

Hi guys

This is a reminder about posting etiquette for those people who contribute to this site. We really appreciate the content you share here, but could you please do your part to keep the site tidy and user friendly! We've been coming across a few reoccurring issues lately, which at best increases the amount of housekeeping the Admin team has to do, and at worst has actually been contributing to some of the downtime we've had lately. So, could you make sure you're doing (or not doing, as the case may be!) the following:-

  • Please make sure that you limit your sets to 300 icons or less. This is really important! 300 icons is a whole lot for visitors to the site to load up, and if you try and put more than this number in a set then (a) the visitor may have trouble loading your set on their internet speeds and (b) it may cause the site to crash on the upload. Please don't try this - if you have more than 300 icons to upload, please do this in two or more sets.
  • Please remember that we have a minimum posting requirement of 12 icons per set. We recommend that a set be at least 50 icons. Please do not upload multiple sets of only a handful of icons. Whilst this does not pose any problems for the running of the site, it's just really irritating for a visitor to have to load lots and lots of individual pages with only a few icons on each. They would love you forever if you made sure that your sets were condescended into 50-300 icons a time!
  • Please title your posts properly By that, we mean by the name of the actor not by character name. This is especially important for the tags. You should never be entering a character name in the field 'actor name'. If you do this, it just means that people will find it harder to find your post - not helpful to you or them!

    Correct: Tyler Hoechlin in Teen Wolf
    Correct: Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale
    Incorrect: Derek Hale
    Incorrect: Derek Hale in Teen Wolf

  • Please do not use acronyms Abbrevating the title, or tags, of your post to something shorter is really irritating to those people who may not be intimately familiar to your fandom. Please remember that people use the icons posted on Hollow Art for a numbre of reasons. Often, they may be looking for a specific actor, but are not hugely familiar with the fandom they're currently working in. Please take the time to type it out!

    Correct: Supernatural
    Incorrect: SPN

  • Keep your post titles snappy Please don't put episode information in your titles. We automatically publish your posts to Twitter and Facebook to give you maximum exposure, and really long titles can cause problems. Please keep your Titles to just the actor's name and, where appropriate, the name of the show.
  • Take time to tag your posts properly This is how people find your work, so it is in your best interest to ensure that you have tagged your post correctly.

If you're doing all of this already, then great! Thank you so much!


The Hollow Art team