Hollow Art Issues and Accounts

Site stability

We have been experiencing ongoing issues with Hollow Art over recent months. We have taken various steps to combat these, and site stability has improved lately, however the root cause of the problem continues to allude us. This has caused great frustration to everyone - you and us.

Most of the problems now seem to be grouped around the posting of new content to the site. As such we have taken the decision that, for now, we will suspend the ability to post to the site.

What does this mean for me?

The site should remain stable. We shouldn't have to keep taking Hollow Art on and off line to fix little issues and you will be able to access all of the 18,000 or so icon sets that have already been posted on the site.

You will not, however, be able to:-

  • Post new content. This means that if you have been routinely, or occasionally, posting sets to Hollow Art, you will not be able to do so now.
  • Make requests. You will not be able to post requests to the site.
  • Have requests filled. Our lovely volunteers who fill requests will not be able to post to Hollow Art either. Even if you ask them very, very nicely, they won't be able to help you.
  • Make comments. We know you were thinking of posting a thank you to our fabulous volunteers, but sorry - you can't do that right now, it'll have to wait.

How long will this last

Honestly? We don't know. We can't give you a timescale until we know what's wrong with the site. We have some tests we want to run and some investigations planned. Please do bear in mind, though, that this site is run as a hobby. We know it's huge, but it's not a professional business. Everyone here is a volunteer. There may be ads on Hollow Art, but the income barely covers the cost of hosting the site (in fact some years that cost comes out of our own pocket). We all work full time.

Thank you all for your support and patience. If you have any comments you wish to make, please post them on our facebook page.

The Hollow Art team