Advertise my RPG

If you want an ad for your Role playing game (RPG) to appear on this site, then simply fill in the form below.

The graphic will appear randomly with all the others on the side bar and your ad will also be listed in the RPG listing and linked from the main page.

All we ask is that you follow the rules below. Any ad in breach of these rules will be removed from the listing without notice:-

  • No adverts for commercial games! If you run a commercial game, please about advertising with
  • You must submit a graphic to display in our side bar.
  • All graphics must be 234x150px in dimension. If your graphic is any other size, the site will automatically resize it to these dimensions. That said, any ad submitted which is of substantially larger or smaller than these dimensions wil be bounced because the resizing will make it unreadable and unsuitable quality!
  • Please include the name of your RP in your banner.
  • Please keep your graphics family-friendly. No nudity, no excess of blood or gore please!
  • Please only submit one ad per game. If you wish to update your ad, please find your original ad and edit it - don't just put up a new listing. Multiple listings will be deleted without notice.
  • This is a listing for text-based role play only. It's not open to other forms of RPG (eg MMORPGs). If in doubt about whether you should list your game, please first to ask.
  • All ads are subject to moderation, so don't worry if your game doesn't immediately appear in the listing.

On the main advert page you can add html (though you cannot use CSS or other coding languages) and images to make your advert appealing to potential players. When adding images please ensure you keep them less than 550 pixels wide.


Tag Guidelines

Like everything on this site, we want to ensure that your game can be easily found. As such, we allow tagging of games. You may choose your tags from a set list. You may have more than one tag as required. If you can't find a tag that fits, most categories have an 'other' option. We will review the tags from time to time and add more in as appropriate.

Tags allow proper indexing, but there's no point in tags if we have a thousand and one unique tags – that just makes it impossible for anyone to find anything! Your potential new players come to this site looking for a game to suit them, so what you're aiming with in tags is to attract their attention by giving them familiar terms. Your game is likely to get skipped if, for example, all the Harry Potter games are indexed under 'Fandom: Harry Potter' and you've indexed yours under just 'Harry Potter'!