Character: Canon

Before The Storm

Tamriel is dangerous. If the flora and fauna don't kill you first, the cutthroat bandits or harsh weather might. Come explore Skyrim and perhaps even the neighboring regions of Cyrodiil and Solstheim. Have a taste of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle as you pick snowberries from Winterhold or enjoy a well-earned steak from a recent hunt. Perhaps your mettle will even win you a place among Skyrim's warrior nobles or a new family among the Companions of Jorrvaskr. If you die, may you die with a sword in your hand.


Believe In Heroes

BELIEVE IN HEROES is a moderate to intermediate role play site based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a colourful flare of the comics thrown in as well.

"It is present day, Captain America is a fugitive, the Avengers are scattered. The X-Men are holed up within their mansion and popular super-hero groups like the iconic Fantastic Four struggle to find their place within the ever looming shadow of HYDRA lurking within SHIELD, and the restrictions of the Superhuman Registration Act."

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