Resources for Requests

Resources for Requests

Posted 6 months 1 week ago

We are getting more and more requests for people in specific roles - and it is getting harder and harder to find resources to fill those requests.

We have asked several times before for people who are putting in requests for role-specific sets to provide screencaps (of the actor/actress in question - not the whole film, unsorted). The people who fill our requests here are all volunteers. None of us get paid for this (in fact, it costs for us to keep this site up and running at all, most years). Please, help our volunteers out - if you're putting in a request, please provide at least 20 good quality pictures or screencaps. Finding the resources takes up the majority of the time to fill a request. If you provide those resources then you will be making everyone's lives easier, plus you'll get your request filled that much faster,

If you don't provide resources, we're sorry. We do not have time to go and track down screencaps. We certainly don't have time to make those screencaps ourselves. If you can't provide resources, then you will find that your request is simply turned down.

We want to help you - but, please - help us to help you!


The Hollow Art Team

Browse function reinstated

Browse function reinstated

Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago

Hey guys

Thank you all for your feedback! This site was always meant to be for you, and what you want is really important to you. If you have comments or opinions, please let us know on either facebook, or twitter (@hollow-art).

Several people had asked for the browse/list function to be reinstated. We looked into this and you'll notice that there's a new Icon Glossary link appeared in the top menu bar. This will allow you to browse the site generally (rather than putting in specific tag terms for what you're looking for). Want to browse all the woman we have? Fine, you can do that! The men, whose names begin with 'J'? We have loads of them - go at it!

Let us know what you think - we're always listening!!

The Hollow Art Team

Read a Book - Support Hollow Art

Read a Book - Support Hollow Art

Posted 10 months 3 weeks ago

We have a novel way for you to help support Hollow Art! Buy a book.

No, not just any book. A specific book.

Two long term friends and supporters of Hollow Art have recently published their first novel. We're more than happy to support the work of our members and, in return, they have agreed that for every book sold, Hollow Art will get some money!

The book is called "The Dreamwalker" and is by Lillian Bishop & Constance Williams. It costs $3.99 from, €3.07 from Amazon in a Euro country and £2.60 in the UK. Currently it is exclusively available on Kindle, but other formats will be being made available later in the year.

So, want a way to support Hollow Art and get a great book to read? This is it!

Check out The Witch Lake Chronicles website for more info and sample chapters.

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